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Grow a Relationship-Driven School Culture #NFES2018

I led an “Ask the Experts” session this week titled “Grow a Relationship-Driven School Culture” at the National Family Engagement Summit in Richmond, Virginia. This post explains some takeaways and shows the presentation slides. Continue reading “Grow a Relationship-Driven School Culture #NFES2018”

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Tips to Engage and Inspire Your School Community #NFES2018

It was fun to lead this presentation at the National Family Engagement Summit in Richmond, Virginia this week. The group of educators were so responsive and I can really sense a growing desire to get back to the basics. Schools should be the center of the community and we should be the go-to place for family resources. In this post are the slides from my presentation at this event.  Continue reading “Tips to Engage and Inspire Your School Community #NFES2018”

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#30SecondBookTalk Tournament

The #30SecondBookTalk is in full swing led by @GustafsonBrad and @JenniferLagarde where they celebrate literacy by sharing the love of great literature. This year, I’m competing in the first round with my book talk of Josh Funk’s It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk, a great book with amazing visuals. I used WeVideo to edit the video and took some acting lessons from my friends and teachers @WattMWC and @MrsEdwardsReads both extraordinary reading teachers. Watch all 16 book talks in less than 14 minutes. I cued up the video below to my booktalk so it’s ready to go. Make sure to go on to Brad’s website here to vote and check out all of his resources for instruction! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Bringing My “A” Game – #DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

This guest post is written by my friend J. Kapuchuck. a super dad and a super principal in Rockingham County, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter @PrincipalKap

In today’s society everything is changing at a rapid pace.  However, the one thing that has not changed is our passion for either participating in sports or watching them.  Growing up in a town 45 minutes North of Pittsburgh, sports were a part of life and we all bled Black and Gold, which I still do now.  In case you didn’t know, Pittsburgh is the only city where all the major sports teams have the same colors.  Each Sunday during football season we would be glued to our one TV in the house to watch Steelers play, all decked out in our Black and Gold.  I would listen to the stories of the Steel Curtain, the Immaculate Reception, and try to emulate the toughness of Jack Lambert as I would tackle my older brother whenever he would get up.   After the game, we would often go outside and play our own game of football, no matter the temperature or how much snow we had.  It is what we did. Continue reading “Bringing My “A” Game – #DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition”

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Celebrating Your Home Team -#DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

When you  think of your “home team,” what comes to mind? Is it your family or your favorite sports team? Why don’t we put as much energy and passion into celebrating our family or our school as we do our favorite football team? This post is part of a series we are starting with our #DadsAsPrincipals group of educational leaders making connections to the Super Bowl and our lives as dads and leaders. Continue reading “Celebrating Your Home Team -#DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition”