Roll Up Your (Pant) Sleeves

I was mentioned in this post, but this is an amazing leader who inspires me all the time! Great points made.

Principal in Boots

One week ago I was in a funk. One week ago today I questioned my grit to persevere. February is a hard month- the weather is miserable and we are forced to spend way to much time indoors.

I reached out to my #principalsinaction group for a little @voxer therapy. After my Vox Andy Jacks came to my rescue with the following gem…

“The greats think different, act different, have a different worldview. We will always have the challenge of fighting more tasks, just remember the kids won’t remember the spreadsheet, they’ll remember the special moment you created for them!”

From this I learned a few things;

The value in a PLN is not solely for professional learning. The value in a PLN is having professionals that you can count on to raise you up, challenge your thinking,  or maybe even give you that kick in the butt you need.

The power is also…

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