Ashland’s 2018 Motivational Videos for State Testing

Why stress about testing if you are prepared and know you will do really well? At Ashland, we change the game by changing the mindset about how we go about preparing for state testing at the end of the year. We celebrate, motivate, and attack testing to show off what our kids know and the skills they have. Our students go into the tests with a feeling of strength and conviction on how they will do. Especially when we live in an era of accountability and standardized testing that is mandatory, why not embrace it and maximize student potential instead of complaining that the system is what it is. The tests don’t matter. What matters is how our kids feel after they take the tests. Are they going to celebrate when they pass or be upset if they fail? That’s on us as educators. Here’s one way we help our kids chase 100% pass rates so every child feels that success. 

A tradition we have at Ashland is to create music videos including the staff from kindergarten through 5th grade. Success in the upper grade levels is a schoolwide effort starting on the first day of kindergarten. Huge shout out to Kristin Keskel, 3rd grade teacher, for leading, creating, and directing these videos. Awesome job Brent Benware, Instructional Technology Coach, for recording and editing. Amazing work by Sean Zortman and Jesse Raines, 3rd grade teacher and 4th grade teacher, for singing the songs. Thank you to the great job by Rebecca Anderson, music teacher, and Sarah Leclercq, counselor, for working with our student leaders and leading them through their songs. Thank you to all the staff that jumped in and danced in these videos! Outstanding! As you can see this is a group effort!!

Enjoy this year’s mash up using students and staff!

Watch the entire mash up (9:39):

Watch the highlight reel (edited shorter version of the mash up, 3:34):

Watch the individual videos separately in this playlist. Click on the top left button to see a drop down menus of all the videos in the playlist.


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