About Me

Thank you for reading my musings on education as I continue to find my path in leading and learning! I’m a dad of three, husband of an awesome wife, principal of an amazing and diverse school, and obsessed with everything education! Through my experiences as a dad, teacher, administrator, and whatever role I find myself in on a daily basis, I have witnessed the amazing and sometimes unbelievable successes in our public schools. I hope to capture some of these best practices and share them with others. In my various leadership roles and opportunities, I continue to have unique and special moments that I can’t help but to reflect on and share. Please feel free to agree or challenge any of my thoughts in my posts through comments. 


Principals Under Pressure: What Principals Can Do to Keep Schools Safe Amid Shooting Fears
Education Week, 2018

Principal Spotlight: Andy Jacks, video and school leader extraordinaire
WeVideo Blog, 2018

A Match Made in Education: Two principals tell us why having a friend in leadership to share ideas can help elevate your principalship.
In The Spotlight, Principal Magazine, 2018

Elementary School Best Practices – Ashland Elementary
PWCS School Board Presentation, PWCS Media Team, 2018

Using 1:1 Technology to Engage Parents
Communicator, 2017

Personal Awards:
Nationally Distinguished Principal, NAESP, 2018
Virginia Principal of the Year, VAESP, 2018
Best Practices Award, VA STAR, 2017
Outstanding Leadership Award (Nominee), ISTE, 2017
School Bell Award, VAESP, 2016
Principal of the Year (Nominee), PWCS, 2016

School Awards:
Excellence Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2018
Distinguished Achievement Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2017
Excellence Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2016
School of Excellence Award, PWCS, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012

Association Leadership:
National Principal Mentor, NAESP Certification, 2016
Principal Mentor, VAESP, 2017
Leadership Immersion Institute, NAESP, 2015
Board of Directors, Autism Society of Northern Virginia, 2015-current