Read Alouds & Book Talks

Read AloudsReading to every classroom every month is by far one of my favorite things I do as principal. It is a fantastic opportunity to build personal relationships, set the tone for expectations, and prioritize literacy as a leader. Reading tons of books to students is one of the most important things we can do … Continue reading Read Alouds & Book Talks

#30SecondBookTalk Tournament

The #30SecondBookTalk is in full swing led by @GustafsonBrad and @JenniferLagarde where they celebrate literacy by sharing the love of great literature. This year, I'm competing in the first round with my book talk of Josh Funk's It's Not Jack and the Beanstalk, a great book with amazing visuals. I used WeVideo to edit the video … Continue reading #30SecondBookTalk Tournament

The Power of Principal Read Alouds

Principals need to be engaging with students in their classrooms for them to be an effective leader. It is imperative that we get a feeling of what the teachers’ and students’ lives are like in school on a regular basis. Random walkthroughs and class visits don’t always give this immersed feeling because they are quick … Continue reading The Power of Principal Read Alouds

Principal’s Book Talk – Legacy

We have a team of readers at Ashland and I wanted to inspire, not require, them to read this great book Legacy by James Kerr. Legacy provides insight into the amazing culture of one of the world's most successful sporting teams, the All Blacks, a rugby team from New Zealand. This book provides powerful lessons … Continue reading Principal’s Book Talk – Legacy