#30SecondBookTalk – After the Fall

Watch my #30SecondBookTalk (or book commercial) on After the Fall by Dan Santat. This was created by my daughter Makenzie using a green screen, my cell phone camera, and WeVideo to edit. #ashlandsoar

#30SecondBookTalk – Neck & Neck

Mrs. Watt, Mrs. Crosby, and Mrs. Crosby's class are featured in this month's #30secondbooktalk, a commercial to help kids get excited about this book and reading in general. This month I am reading Neck & Neck by Elise Parsley to every student in school.

#30SecondBookTalk – We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

Check out my #30SecondBookTalk for our students to get them excited for my September read aloud of "We Don't Eat Our Teachers" by @RyanT_Higgins! It's such a fun book with a really important message for the beginning of the year. Thank you @SarahLeclercq01 for stepping up for this! I used my phone to record the … Continue reading #30SecondBookTalk – We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

My 2017-18 Read Alouds

Reading to every classroom every month is by far one of my favorite things I do as principal. It is a fantastic opportunity to build personal relationships, set the tone for expectations, and prioritize literacy as a leader. Reading tons of books to students is one of the most important things we can do to … Continue reading My 2017-18 Read Alouds

The Cat in the Hat #30SecondBookTalk

The best and worst part about making this video was how fast we were able to record and edit it! Why 'worst' part? Because these amazing parents put me to shame recording this in one take! Usually it takes me a bunch of outtakes and screw ups so they were really impressive to me. We … Continue reading The Cat in the Hat #30SecondBookTalk

The Book with No Pictures #30SecondBookTalk

This was a fun book to read especially because it resulted in students smiling, laughing, and yes, even doing cartwheels of joy (true story). After reading this to each grade level in the school, I used bits of one of the sessions for this video and included some of our amazing 2nd graders too! Enjoy! … Continue reading The Book with No Pictures #30SecondBookTalk

It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk #30SecondBookTalk

If your goal is for students to want to read specific books, then why not make amazing commercials for them on the those books?! Not only does it help them get excited about literacy, it puts you front and center as an instructional leader and reminds others of our priorities in school. I hope you … Continue reading It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk #30SecondBookTalk