Slowing down to provide leadertunities for others

A little moment today with my son helped me rethink our work with teachers and students. Random Saturday morning. I really should be thinking about anything else after a long week. Does anyone else have these random leadership thoughts that come out of the middle of nowhere? We stopped to get gas and he asked … Continue reading Slowing down to provide leadertunities for others

Traveling Tips #dadsasprincipals

This year we took the plunge and the whole family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is true both literally and figuratively since we all got wet flying down Splash Mountain! The trip was both fantastic and exhausting, and I learned a few tips along the way that hopefully may help other parents. Comment … Continue reading Traveling Tips #dadsasprincipals

Bringing My “A” Game – #DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

This guest post is written by my friend J. Kapuchuck. a super dad and a super principal in Rockingham County, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter @PrincipalKap In today’s society everything is changing at a rapid pace.  However, the one thing that has not changed is our passion for either participating in sports or watching them. … Continue reading Bringing My “A” Game – #DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

Celebrating Your Home Team -#DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

When you  think of your “home team,” what comes to mind? Is it your family or your favorite sports team? Why don’t we put as much energy and passion into celebrating our family or our school as we do our favorite football team? This post is part of a series we are starting with our … Continue reading Celebrating Your Home Team -#DadsAsPrincipals Super Bowl Edition

Dads On Deck Podcast

I've been fortunate to connect with many dads across the country who are passionate about keeping our priorities straight with our kids at home as well as our kids at school.  Our Dads As Principals group joined forces with another dad group called Maker Dads to start a podcast called Dads on Deck. We are … Continue reading Dads On Deck Podcast

Dad and/or Principal? #dadsasprincipals

Work all day. Exhausted. Finally sit down at the kitchen table to shovel in a late dinner. cell phone...Why?? It's like an automatic reaction that I can't even control! To check the emails that I have may have missed on the way home from work?? I struggle with separating work and home and separating … Continue reading Dad and/or Principal? #dadsasprincipals

Why Walk for A Cause? A post about why it really matters.

Why spend a Saturday or Sunday morning to literally walk or run around in circles? When I was younger, before kids, before other life experiences, I really struggled to understand what the purpose was for walks and runs for the many causes that came up throughout the year. But as life kicked in, I realized how important … Continue reading Why Walk for A Cause? A post about why it really matters.