Costumes Show You Care

Recently I was cleaning out my office closet and noticed that most of it was full of my costumes and accessories that have accumulated over the years! I thought to myself, I wonder how many other principals' closets look like this? I've taken Dave Burgess' philosophy of going above and beyond to create excitement and … Continue reading Costumes Show You Care

Green Light Leading

Join me on at the VAESP Conference this month to learn why and how green light leading can increase staff engagement, morale, and success! Throw away that NO button and say, "Yes!" After-presentation Update! 6.28.17 What a great turnout for this presentation! We even had to get more chairs and still had standing room only! … Continue reading Green Light Leading

Good evening! How may we serve you at the Decimal Diner?

Education does not have to be miserable. All of those things we complain about in the great system of education can be improved. It starts with us. With our thinking, planning, and effort. Recently, two or our 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Clevenger and Mrs. Milleson took basic math decimals practice to a new level of … Continue reading Good evening! How may we serve you at the Decimal Diner?

What, Why, & How of Instructional Technology: Our School’s Story

Using new technology just because it looks cool or┬ábecause it makes you feel innovative is not enough. Culture, instruction, and the needs of students come first, technology comes after. At Ashland Elementary, we have worked tirelessly to research and try new technologies┬ábut to also quickly re-assess usage for students. I talk every day with my … Continue reading What, Why, & How of Instructional Technology: Our School’s Story

Some Gifts Are Not So Obvious

Virginia Tech security just taught me a life lesson this week, but probably not the one you would expect! Every week, two times a week, we have class at the Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center. Hamish and I always make it a point to say hi and get to know the security guards or custodians … Continue reading Some Gifts Are Not So Obvious

Dyslexia is Not a Mystery

For many, dyslexia is a mysterious and strange word of a disorder that sounds like it is really difficult to support in school. The reality is much different. Parents have been bringing this concern for their child to our schools for years and finally we are addressing it in a more systematic and educated manner. … Continue reading Dyslexia is Not a Mystery

Sphero Ideas for Teachers

Finally! Robotics & Coding finally are far enough along to create amazing engineering lessons for students! This post is just a mish-mosh of visuals and ideas to help you think about using our Spheros with your students. These will create special moments for your students as well as give you a tool to pull students … Continue reading Sphero Ideas for Teachers