How to Be Happy in Your Work

Are you happy in life? Are you happy in your job? Do you even know the things that should make you happy? As a renewal of motivation in our school, I met with all of my school teams recently to discuss this very thing. To be effective with students, I have come to realize that teachers … Continue reading How to Be Happy in Your Work

My #OneWord2017 is FOCUS

My #OneWord2017 is focus! If you know me at all, you wouldn't be surprised that this is my one word for the year. You may be muttering under your breath, "'s about time..."  or "...that should have been your one word last year..." As I'm typing this, I have eight tabs open in my web … Continue reading My #OneWord2017 is FOCUS

My #OneWord for 2016 is BELIEVE

My #OneWord for 2016 is believe. Although I am cheating a little bit, since believe is a word that we have been discussing as a school team all year! I'm definitely still focused on it for 2016! Believe in Yourself: If you want to make a difference in others, you must first have confidence in your own abilities. … Continue reading My #OneWord for 2016 is BELIEVE