Sensory Friendly Haircuts

For many families like mine, even simple things can be very stressful. When our son was little, the barber shop and a tight haircut, one of my favorite things, was way too much and very overwhelming for him. I had to cut his hair at home for years myself. Now it's better, but I know … Continue reading Sensory Friendly Haircuts

Enhance Mail Communication through Augmented Reality

Our annual tradition of mailing postcards home for information and to notify parents of students' teachers saw an innovative twist the last couple of years by adding augmented reality.We use HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) to turn the front of the postcard into a 'trigger' image so the app recognizes it and automatically overlays a preset … Continue reading Enhance Mail Communication through Augmented Reality

Five Tips to Maximize Video Communication

There are a handful of key considerations when using video to maximize engagement in your school community. These concepts are important because they will help others share in your journey and success in a way that is meaningful and interesting to them. Read more below on these tips and reflect on how you are using … Continue reading Five Tips to Maximize Video Communication

Video Introductions

School is about to begin again and there is nothing is worse than an excited parent that goes to the school's website to meet the administrator or teacher and all they see is a boring letter, or even worse, the person's name with no other information. You had the parent right where you wanted them! … Continue reading Video Introductions

Kindergarten Readiness Top Tips Video

As Hannibal in the A-Team used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together!" This year our kindergarten team decided to create a new program to help communicate to parents what helps students be successful in school. As students at Ashland register, they typically receive supply lists and will receive a school shirt, … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness Top Tips Video

“Tacky Sweater” Staff Parody Holiday Video

Every year, we create a staff video to celebrate the holidays. This time, we were right in the middle of an office meeting that got so rudely interrupted...

“Don’t Stress Out” Staff Parody Video

Testing shouldn't be stressful for our students if we prepared them like we should! This was fun to make, especially trying to keep it 'cool' and relaxed this time.

“I Believe” Staff Video

When inspiration, reflection, and engagement comes together with your staff, this is an example of what you can accomplish. At our 1st staff meeting in January, we asked teachers to write what they believed for their students and then show it on video. The twist is that we played the video back in reverse! This … Continue reading “I Believe” Staff Video

“Peanuts Holiday Dance” Staff Parody Video

This is one of my very favorite staff videos we have done! We (meaning Mr. Benware, our amazing Instructional Technology Coach) learned this year how to superimpose videos and shrink them via green screens. A really cool thing is that members of our team involved in this video are so inclusive to our whole team. … Continue reading “Peanuts Holiday Dance” Staff Parody Video

“Rock That Test” I’m Sorry Staff Parody Video

State testing is an opportunity, not an obligation! Let's show them what we are made of and rock that test! This was inspired from I'm Sorry by Justin Bieber.