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Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Video Series

It’s January now and now that the holidays have passed it’s prime learning time in school. It’s also time to start planning for how we will motivate our students to do their best on the end of the year tests. One of the ways we do this is through a video series called Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Great Adventures where the falcon school mascot and I travel the state (season 2) and the universe (season 1) to bring back tips to help our students at Ashland do their best on the state testing at the end of the year.

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“Don’t Stress Out” Staff Parody Video

Testing shouldn’t be stressful for our students if we prepared them like we should! This was fun to make, especially trying to keep it ‘cool’ and relaxed this time.

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“I Believe” Staff Video

When inspiration, reflection, and engagement comes together with your staff, this is an example of what you can accomplish. At our 1st staff meeting in January, we asked teachers to write what they believed for their students and then show it on video. The twist is that we played the video back in reverse! This was quick to make and didn’t take much time in the staff meeting, but the visuals are powerful.

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“Rock That Test” I’m Sorry Staff Parody Video

State testing is an opportunity, not an obligation! Let’s show them what we are made of and rock that test!