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Ritualize – My #OneWord2018

The ‘One Word’ movement originated by Jon Gordan and has been a fantastic way to retool every January, sort of like a more thoughtful New Year’s resolution. As I write this post about my #OneWord2018 for others so that it will hopefully help them reflect, posts like this are major introspective moments in my leadership journey. I write to articulate where I want to be, not necessarily where I am.  Continue reading “Ritualize – My #OneWord2018”

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Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Video Series

It’s January now and now that the holidays have passed it’s prime learning time in school. It’s also time to start planning for how we will motivate our students to do their best on the end of the year tests. One of the ways we do this is through a video series called Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Great Adventures where the falcon school mascot and I travel the state (season 2) and the universe (season 1) to bring back tips to help our students at Ashland do their best on the state testing at the end of the year.

Continue reading “Mr. Jacks & the Falcon Video Series”

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Principal’s Book Talk #5 – Ada Twist, Scientist

This is my 5th read aloud for my students at Ashland this year, but this time I wanted to hook them in even before I visit their classrooms. Thank you to my buddy Brad Gustafson for paving the way with these type of engaging book talks!

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20 ‘18’ Ways to Start the New Year

Happy (Early) New Year! As you are wrapping up the last few days of 2017, taking in those last hugs, smiles, high fives, and waves for a few days we (Lindsy, Eric, Jessica, Andy, Todd, and Nick) wanted to challenge ourselves, and our PLN, to think about how to ring in 2018 when everyone returns.

This post started as a conversation while preparing for the final days before break. We realized that there is so much time spent on celebrating the last few days before the winter break, but not as much time focused on how to kick off the rest of the school year when staff and students return. Continue reading “20 ‘18’ Ways to Start the New Year”