I was mentioned in this post, but this is an amazing leader who inspires me all the time! Great points made.

I really don’t know why principals have reserved spots. I tend to be at school really early and leave really late, so it’s not like I can’t ever find a parking spot. I’ve always felt weird about it. When I go to a business, store, or other public place, they typically have their staff park as far back as possible to let customers park closer to the building. But when I go to schools, there is an abundance of reserved parking up front for staff. I feel that more and more, my job is to help support and amplify others’ efforts. How can I park up front and feel good about that while my team parks in the back? Leaders eat last and leaders park in the back! This year, my assistant principal, RJ Lucciotti, and I decided to practice what we preach in every way possible. Parking was an easy and obvious example for us. I’m proud of RJ because he didn’t even flinch when we discussed this and …

Why We Gave our Reserved Parking Away to our Teachers Read More »

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, the love that is in our classrooms has been amazing. But let’s not forget the power and importance of loving our students as we move past this holiday into the rest of the year!

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This guest post is written by Justin Holbrook @JustinHolbrook I am one of those soccer fanatics who wakes up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings to watch the matches from “across the pond”. As the rest of my apartment complex is fast asleep in their nice warm beds, I am up drinking coffee and screaming at the television in support of my favorite club. I can’t miss it! This weekend’s matches from the Barclays Premier League in England served up some inspiration to an education question I have been pondering over the past few months. Through twitter chats such as #PWCSedchat, #Leadupchat, & #BmoreEdchat I consistently hear the same thing from teachers around the world: teaching is an organic art. In other words, how are we supposed to standardize or categorize teaching into a cohesive style?

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Whoa! What a day! I love my job, especially on days like this when I get to be with kids the whole day! I had somewhat of a plan, but I definitely woke up knowing that I was going to bring it today no matter what!

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Why the pressure to have our students coding all of a sudden? It’s not like everything that they do uses computers, right…right? Wrong. Basically every recreation and professional occupation now uses computer programming in some way. The old emphasis on teaching simple machines is now evolving to into complex machines. This is coming to us in the form of ‘code,’ an increasingly popular term we are seeing at the elementary level.

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This guest post is written by Lauren DeIntinis @laurendeintinis, a 2nd Grade Teacher in Manassas, Virginia. Check out more of her information at the end of the post. My name is Lauren DeIntinis and I am a 2nd grade teacher at the FABULOUS Ashland Elementary School in Manassas, VA. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA but have lived in Virginia for three years as an elementary teacher. I started in school as a Psychology major and wiggled my way into education on a very windy path. Though not what I originally planned on doing, teaching has become the most important aspect of my life and something that I can honestly say I am in LOVE with!

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Are you listening to your students when they have ideas for improvements or helping others? Do you turn these into opportunities for developing their leadership skills? What has really caught my attention over time is seeing individual students that have shown leadership WITHOUT adults giving them the ideas.

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This guest post is written by Justin Holbrook @JustinHolbrook, a 4th Grade Teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Check out more of his information at the end of the post. I fondly remember the games I used to play with my family as a little kid.  Legos with my mom.  Monopoly with all the money missing or thrown together into a “box”.  Stratomatic baseball tournaments with my dad on rainy afternoons.  Even 2-on-2 basketball with my little brother outside in any temperature for hours (We are still undefeated in the neighborhood!).  In all of these memories, time flew by like a race car.  As a 4th grade teacher, I try to recreate these experiences for my students because I recognize the emotional connection I forged with games as a kid and their power on students’ memories.  However, I think it is crucial that educators understand that there is a difference between relying on games and planning “gamification” in the classroom.

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I played this music video as I started writing and my kids swarmed me, halfway sitting on me, arms around my head! They were totally drawn to the sounds of Elmo, Abby, and Grover celebrating Autism!

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