About Ashland Elementary School

Ashland Elementary School is located in Manassas, Virginia and a proud member of Prince William County Public Schools. Ashland is an award-winning school with student performance among the highest in the state. Our amazing staff is there for each other and gives everything they have for our students every day. Our school challenges the status quo and emphasizes teamwork, high standards of achievement, and innovative practices. We believe that the adults and students are more effective when working together and learning from each other. We also believe that students will perform better if they love school and this happens when they are successful and are having fun. Our instructional practices are designed to do just that!

We were asked to share about our practices at a school board meeting and this is what our staff had to say about our school:

Click here for a link to Ashland’s School Quality Profile by VDOE. 

State Recognition:
Virginia Distinguished Purple Star Award, 2018
Board of Education Excellence Award, 2016, 2018
Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award, 2017, 2019

Ashland Elementary School
15300 Bowmans Folly Drive
Manassas, Virginia
(703) 583-8774

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