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This guest post is written by Justin Holbrook @JustinHolbrook, a 4th Grade Teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. Check out more of his information at the end of the post. I fondly remember the games I used to play with my family as a little kid.  Legos with my mom.  Monopoly with all the money missing or thrown together into a “box”.  Stratomatic baseball tournaments with my dad on rainy afternoons.  Even 2-on-2 basketball with my little brother outside in any temperature for hours (We are still undefeated in the neighborhood!).  In all of these memories, time flew by like a race car.  As a 4th grade teacher, I try to recreate these experiences for my students because I recognize the emotional connection I forged with games as a kid and their power on students’ memories.  However, I think it is crucial that educators understand that there is a difference between relying on games and planning “gamification” in the classroom.

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