It is so important that we learn from each other and that I share my journey and lessons learned. I love helping others prioritize school culture, equity, effective communication, technology integration, and school leadership. Contact me if you would like any help in these areas for keynotes, breakout sessions, or workshops. Connect with me using the form below or using my email at

Presentations & Workshops
All of the topics below can be modified into a 30-60 minute presentation or a 2-3 hour workshop. The workshops include more practice time and often have staff creating items as takeaways. All sessions focus first on the ‘why’ behind the topic and are always student-focused. 

Maximizing ‘Leadertunities’
This session includes six vital considerations for ensuring that leaders are ready to maximize leadership opportunities as they occur. It is powerful for leaders of all kinds with the thought that every member of the school team and division are leaders. This session is typically more of a keynote or presentation than a workshop. If this was in the workshop model, it provides time for leaders to reflect and discuss their own leadership challenges. This time for reflection is so necessary reimagine the possibilities that can occur in their schools. 

Improving School Communication to Better Engage Your Community
This session includes the use of social media, introduction videos, video newsletters, augmented reality, and regular positive communication strategies home to families. It also includes tips sheets and in the workshop model would include practice and actual videos created to use following the session. This session can be a basic introduction to using social media which would also help them learn how to create, use, and maximize their social media feed as a school. It can also be a more advanced course in using video to effectively communicate your vision, goals, and personality to your community. 

Creating Enjoyable and Meaningful Staff Meetings
This session includes the group actually doing different cooperative learning techniques, fun and engaging strategies, and rethinking how they use meetings to plan future improvements. It also includes many examples of successful strategies to spark ideas and interest in the topic. This session is really fun because it also provides teachers and administration with ideas to use with students in the classroom that they can use the same day.

Creating a Schoolwide Vision of Success
This session can be a presentation that discusses the need to having common understanding of what success looks like in each school. As a workshop model, it is very hands on and active, with participants using consensus-building strategies to create their own team and/or schoolwide vision for success. Workshops are tailored to the needs of the school and school leaders in advance.

Practical Suggestions for Improving School Safety
This session includes specific takeaways that individual schools and school leaders can implement to improve school safety before and during crises. It includes discussion on how drills are conducted, communication with staff, and insight It also includes lesson learned through working with the Washington Field Office FBI SWAT team in multiple active shooter scenarios. This session is typically more of a presentation than a workshop. 

Improving Schoolwide Practices to Reduce Discipline
This session focuses on a handful of key concepts needed as a school to reduce suspensions and improve student and staff feelings of safety. It includes real life examples and will practice strategies that schools can implement right away. 

Abled & Disabled – Ensuring Best Practices and Success for all Students
This session includes a strong argument for why schools must improve practices to ensure improvement and success for at-risk students and students with disabilities. It includes lessons learned as a father of a child with a disability and includes strategies to improve performance on exams and increase engagement in the classroom. It also discusses supports need for students with disabilities to address sensory, elopement, and restraint concerns.