I am obsessed with best practices in education and leadership. I love helping others prioritize and rethink their goals to improve student performance and help their students love coming to school. Contact me if you would like any help in these areas for keynotes, breakout sessions, or workshops. Connect with me using the form below or using my email at andy@andyjacks.co.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

Title: Refusing Failure for Children: Turning “What if?” to “What now?”
Description: Students and staff are in constant states of individual crises. We have the moral imperative as classroom and school leaders to go above and beyond and be innovative to address these issues most times one student at a time. Join award-winning principal Dr. Andy Jacks in an engaging discussion about his unique insights and practical strategies that have skyrocketed student achievement, eliminated suspensions, and created a powerful school culture.

Title: Nametags, Hashtags, & Swag Bags: Maximizing your school’s voice and leadership through enhanced physical and digital engagement
Description: The expectations are through the roof for schools to share their story and be more transparent online. The good news that if this is done right, schools have unique opportunities to make meaningful and proactive connections with stakeholders. Join award-winning principal Dr. Andy Jacks as he demonstrates next level engagement strategies using social media, innovative parent and staff meetings, and school branding.

Title: Discipline for Improvement instead of Punishment
Description: Student discipline is a difficult and often avoided topic for school improvement. Everyone has their opinion of how students should be handled in moments of crisis or misbehavior. Join award-winning principal Dr. Andy Jacks in an engaging discussion on how to eliminate suspensions while satisfying the needs of parents and teachers. Also discussed will be specific strategies to support students dealing with trauma and serious misbehavior.

Title: Are you innovative? Secrets to successful school leadership strategies 
Description: What is innovative leadership? Are you an agent of change? There are very specific reasons why some leaders are able to successfully turn around schools and motivate others to achieve more. Join award-winning principal Dr. Andy Jacks as he highlights these strategies that can be recreated in your school and for your stakeholders.

Title: Fun & engaging meetings: Your staff deserves it!
Description: This session includes the group actually doing different cooperative learning techniques, fun and engaging strategies, and rethinking how they use meetings to plan future improvements. It also includes many examples of successful strategies to spark ideas and interest in the topic. This session is really fun because it also provides teachers and administration with ideas to use with students in the classroom that they can use the same day.

Keynotes and breakout sessions will challenge participants to rethink current instructional practices, school systems, and how they connect to staff and students. Participants will be actively engaged and be provided opportunities to reflect and discuss. The speaker will be dynamic in his approach and share insight into decisions and specific strategies that have made his school and leadership highly successful with the goal that participants learn and are inspired to improve their own practices. Details of any speaking or workshops included in this agreement can be further explained in detail as requested by the client.